Update: BeBuzz by Bellshare GmbH v5.0 With Individual BBM Alerts and More

December 17, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

The best alert app just became even better! BeBuzz is one of those apps I keep on my phone because it’s a great alert app that makes your BlackBerry even more customized. I like knowing that if my phone is on silent, I can still see who is trying to contact me. What’s new?

I love that the updated BeBuzz allows you to add individual BBM Contacts. Now it’s not just a BBM alert, you can see your selected BBM friends so you know who is BBM’ing you. Another sweet addition is the subscription of Text-to-Speech. The subscription is $.99 a month, but is free til December 31st. Also in addition to the updated features is BBM Toasts.

If you’ve never tried BeBuzz, the app is on sale in BlackBerry App World for $2.99. If you have BeBuzz, it’s only $1.99 to upgrade to this new version. The price is well worth it, as you’ll find yourself wondering why you haven’t been using it all along.


Purchase your copy of BeBuzz v5.0 for $2.99 or update your copy for $1.99 from BlackBerry App World here

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  • Jarmeling

    Been quite a bit of noise about having to purchase the upgrade. On top of that, many users are experiencing the app not working for BBM after upgrading. I had to completely delete the app and reinstall it to get it going.

  • Susan

    I didn’t have any troubles upgrading the app. I always do a battery pull after upgrading an app or installing one, and it’s been a fail proof method for me so far.