Transfire XP Coming Soon to BlackBerry!

December 20, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Do you communicate with friends or associates in other countries or want to but you don’t have a translator? Enter Transfire. Transfire XP was released to the iPhone and supports multiple languages. The reason you’re reading about it here is because it will be coming to BlackBerry. Check it out…

David let us know about Transfire XP, which is a chat application that instantly translates chat messages into over 50 languages. The app is free only for a limited time right now in the Apple App Store. Transfire 1.0 has had over 2,500 downloads from 89 countries already. The app brings the first chat and instant-messaging app with real-time translated text! Currently it works with GTalk and Yahoo messengers, but more will soon be added such as Facebook, ICQ, Baidu, and more. I’m hoping it will also work with BBM when it gets to BlackBerry.

It integrates Google Translate with Transfire’s own instant and chat-messaging service that’s enabled with the push notifications. Just think, something is coming to make conversation even easier. This app is a useful one for students, travelers, international business people, and more. Right now, v2.0 is Apple only, but the next version, v3, will be available for the BlackBerry. What do you think? Could you find this app useful for you?

Keep your eye on the Transfire website here

 Read more about Transfire from the Apple App Store here

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