SmrtGuard Updates to Snap Secure v6.78.0 With New Name and New Icon

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SmrtGuard updated, retaining the same great features but now sporting the name Snap Secure as they were acquired at the end of October by the Princeton, NJ company Exclaim Mobility, Inc. Exclaim Mobility, Inc is known for their cloud service apps. SmrtGuard is one of my have to have apps. Check out the details…

This is the honest and scary truth about mobile platforms from the SmrtGuard press release.

“Two out of three BlackBerry devices, three out of four Windows Mobile devices, and just about every Android device have malware infections. Specifically, consumers using Android devices, according to a report released by a McAfee in August, were targeted with malware attacks 76 percent more over the previous three months, making it the most vulnerable system in the mobile market.”

I don’t quite agree with the BlackBerry data, unless the users were allowing access to their devices or downloading from a source other than the BlackBerry App World. Jiren Parikh, President and CEO of Exclaim Mobility, Inc. states the following:

 “Snap Secure will give consumers enhanced security from viruses, malware, data loss, as well as privacy management which is critical for consumers who rely heavily on their mobile devices as a primary computing platform. We have the opportunity to…deliver world-class security for consumers who want to protect their devices, personal information, financial data and content, including photos, videos, music, documents, as well as email and SMS messages.”

With tablets joining the mobile scene, and an estimated 3 billion smartphones and tablets to ship next year worldwide, security is important. What will Snap Secure bring to our beloved SmrtGuard?

 Exclaim Mobility will expand device support to tablets, personal computers, televisions and other internet-enabled media devices under a unified offering and monthly subscription. Furthermore, Mobile device support will be expanded to include to Symbian, Windows and certain Java feature phones in 2012.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited over the idea of being able to add my tablet to my BlackBerry with a security app and secure it. And all under one subscription or account. I love knowing that my phone is protected and the spam control is amazing on the app. I’ve come to love SmrtGuard and I recommend it to every mobile user who takes their information seriously.

So what are the features of both the free and paid subscriptions?

SmrtGuard Free includes:

Anti-Theft & Recovery

  • Find lost or stolen smartphone and track it remotely via GPS through
  • Remotely Lock your smartphone to prevent unauthorized use of phone or data.

Call Blocker

  • Block unwanted calls and create “blacklists” for those numbers.

Personal Guardian

  • Emergency distress calls with a single button push on the smartphone. When activated, it sends out a distress email, SMS and/or phone call for help.
  • Allow other trusted users (i.e. loved ones) to track the smartphone via the web. Great for parents to know where their children are.

SIMCard Guardian

  • If an Unregistered SIM Card is put into the device, SmrtGuard sends a warning email and tracking turns on.

Includes FREE 30-day trial of SmrtGuard PRO!

SmrtGuard PRO provides all the great features of SmrtGuard Free plus Mobile Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam to block emails, Secure Wireless Backup & Restore to protect and restore your data onto a new device, and Remote Wipe to delete smartphone data from a lost device.

SmrtGuard PRO includes all of the above plus:

Mobile Anti-Virus

  • Real-time protection against the latest viruses and malware.
  • Schedule automatic virus scans and auto updates with the latest virus definitions.


  • Remove email spam.
  • Create and backup Spam “blacklists” to transfer to a new smartphone.

Over-the-Air Backup & Restore

  • Schedule automatic wireless backups of personal data.
  • Access personal data via the web and restore data to the device wirelessly.
  • Easily migrate data wirelessly to a new device.

Remote Wipe

  • In case of permanent loss, smartphone data can be remotely wiped via web.

Multi-User Management

  • Perfect for families or small businesses.
  • Simple to setup – add / remove new users in seconds.
  • Includes management of up to three devices from a single SmrtGuard Pro account.

You can find SmrtGuard-Snap Secure in the BlackBerry App World. The Pro Subscriptions vary. Don’t just take our word for how great SmrtGuard/Snap Secure is, check it out for yourself.

Download FREE SmrtGuard Mobile Security-Snap Security v6.78.0 from BlackBerry App World here 

Download Snap Secure aka SmrtGuard – 1 Year 1 License v6.78.0 for $17.99 from BlackBerry App World here

Download SmrtGuard Mobile Security – 1 month subscription for $3.99 from BlackBerry App World here


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