RIM announces BlackBerry 10 will replace the BBX name

December 7, 2011 | By | 3 Comments

Oh RIM you need to smarten up. RIM has just announced via Twitter that the original BBX name, which was given for the next-generation platform, has been renamed to BlackBerry 10. Why you ask? Why 10? Well we aren’t sure. RIM had issues the BBX trademark from day one, and for some reason didn’t secure it before announcing the name to the public. RIM has announced at BlackBerry DevCon Asia that BBX will now be called BlackBerry 10. It will be very interesting to see where BlackBerry 8 and 9 come into play. If we had to guess OS 7.1 will become BlackBerry 8, and 9 hopefully will just get skipped. What are your thoughts on the name change? We’re not impressed here at BBSync.

Via N4BB

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