First Image of BlackBerry Milan – The first BlackBerry 10 Portrait Slider

December 7, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Now that the BBX name has come and gone we have to get use to typing BlackBerry 10. CrackBerry has gotten their hands on the first images of the BlackBerry code-named “Milan” which is a Torch-like BB10 smartphone. As you can see it’s a portrait slider smartphone, which closely resembles the Torch 9800/9810. The Milan also features a similar design to the London, which leaked out a couple weeks ago. It’s also rumored that the future BB10 smartphones will have a higher pixel density than the iPhone 4’s retina display, which could make for some stunning displays.¬†Unfortuntely no news of actual specs for Milan has been posted as of yet. Now all we can hope for is an actual live shot of this handset. Stay tuned!

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