ATTN: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon OS 7 Customers- BlackBerry Wants To Know if You Are Tuned in to BBM Music

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BBM Music has been a lot of fun. It’s a social app that allows you to listen to music, share music, grow your music library and more! It all connects through BBM, though your BBM Music friends don’t have to be your BBM Buddies. As of the 22nd, if you have one of the OS 7 handsets, the icon should appear on your BlackBerry. Check it out…

On Inside BlackBerry, BlackBerry has posted the following:

“With the release of BBM™ Music you can now listen to your favorite songs, share music with your BBM friends and even receive recommendations on new music you might be interested in right on your BlackBerry® smartphone1. The best part of all is you can try BBM Music for free2.! The length of the free trial will vary by carrier – so, check with your carrier for details!”

So since the 22nd, if you have service under BIS with any of the carriers listed, you should see a BBM Music icon. If you’re interested, click on it and it will take you to the BlackBerry App World to download. If you are on an Enterprise account (BES), the icon will be missing, and you will have to contact your BlackBerry administrator for assistance and permission. You can read more about it from Inside BlackBerry here.

What are the benefits and features of BBM Music?

  • Create your music profile* from a catalogue of millions of songs and keep it fresh by swapping songs every month
  • Make friends and listen to their music selections
  • Play single songs or entire playlists created by friends. Listen to a giant playlist that includes all tracks from all your friends
  • Create playlists that are all your own – using songs from all your friends’ profiles
  • Post comments about your friends’ music and chat with them about music in real-time
  • Discover what your friends are doing by watching the timeline – friends adding friends, new songs, playlists, comments
  • Listen offline, while not connected to the wireless network (listen on subway, airplane, cottage, etc.)

Your profile contains 50 songs, but you can freshen them up monthly with 25 music song swaps. This is subscription based, however there is a free trial, the length of which depends upon your carrier. Although your profile can have up to 50 songs, you also have access to your BBM Music friends profiles, which allows you to grow your collection.

Download BBM Music from BlackBerry App World and check it out with the FREE music trial here

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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  • James Harmeling

    It’s a decent app. I have enjoyed playing around with it. What keeps me away is the monthly fee. I would be completely willing to pay a one time fee, but another monthly bill is the last thing I want to do.