Vlingo Plus Virtual Assistant Now Available Free As Thank You Gift From BlackBerry

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The Thank You Gift section from BlackBerry for the outtage incurred previously has had a selection of different apps available, and will continue showcasing different paid apps available free til December 31st of this year. Today Vlingo Plus was added to the apps, this is a must download for everyone who’s always wanted it or never learned about it! Check it out…

First off, before there was ever Siri, there was Vlingo.  I’ve used Vlingo Plus for a long time, and I can tell you, it’s one of those $20 apps that will far exceed the value to you as you come to use it. I was introduced to Vlingo by a RIM rep who showed it back in the days when the Pearl first came out and Vlingo was free. I had to have the Plus because I really became used to all that it could do, and more has changed along the way.

Here’s the definition of what Vlingo is:

Vlingo is a Virtual Assistant that turns your words into action by combining voice to text technology, natural language processing, and Vlingo’s Intent Engine to understand the user’s intent and take the appropriate action. Simply speak to your phone to connect with the people, businesses and activities that are important to you.

When you download and install Vlingo, it helps you in setting it up, making sure the convenience key is set up correctly, that it can hear you, then scans your address book. After that you’ll see three sections:

  • What Can I Say? This gives you examples of what to say and how to say a command so Vlingo can recognize it.
  • Tell a Friend- Why not share the fun by letting your friends know about Vlingo?
  • SafeReader- by default this is set to off, but you can turn it on when you’re driving so Vlingo can read your texts and emails to you.

In Options you’ll find the following:


  • Voice Key Behavior – Anywhere or Only on Vlingo Home
  • Language – English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian
  • Spoken Profanity Filtering – on or off
  • Vlingo Everywhere Behavior – Show Popup or Paste Immediately
  • Location Awareness – on or off
  • Sort Contacts By – First Name or Last Name


  • Alert Tones- on, off, or Vibrate
  • Volume – quiet, normal, or loud
  • Text to Speech Voice – Male or Female
  • Spoken Confirmation TTS for Device – on or off
  • Spoken Confirmation for Bluetooth – on or off


  • SMS readback  – on or off
  • Email readback – off, 30 or 50 Words
  • Reminder readback – on or off


  • Web Search Engine – Google or Yahoo
  • Note to Self Action- Add Memo, Add Task, Send SMS to Self, Or Send Email to Self
  • Twitter – Login Credentials
  • Facebook – Login Credentials
  • Auto-Dial Behavior – Never, When Confident, or Always


  • Email Tagline – on or off
  • SMS Tagline – on or off


  • Bluetooth Support – on or off


  • Auto Configure – run test
  • Connection Type

Vlingo Plus allows you to email, call, and text by voice, and other applications by voice and copy and paste. You’ll wonder what you ever did without it once you start using it. It’s a twenty dollar value waiting for you download, but hurry. It’s available for a limited time FREE only in BlackBerry App World, until December 31st! Thank you BlackBerry for Vlingo Plus!

You can download Vlingo Plus FREE from The Thank You Gift Section in BlackBerry App World here until December 31st

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