Update: BlackBerry Traffic Beta v3.0 Available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

November 16, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve been waiting for this and asking for the features BlackBerry is implementing in the beta. I was so excited to see BlackBerry announcing the Traffic beta on Twitter and Facebook. So what’s new that I’m so happy about?

I’ve used BlackBerry Traffic since the beta began, and I’ve been pretty impressed with it. Each update works better, and with all the features the app contains, it’s a great feature and addition to your BlackBerry device. Everytime a survey came out in the Beta Zone, I’d ask for turn by turn directions. Some OS for other platforms do it, and I would love to see my BlackBerry have that capability. BlackBerry announced their latest BlackBerry Traffic Beta and here are the latest features:

  • Voice Guidance – New voice guidance helps users reach their destination with completely hands free navigation. The audible-turn-by-turn directions can run over Bluetooth® or via your vehicle’s speakers. Users can set up the voice instructions with varying levels of detail.
  • Additional Road Information – User can find out if a road is closed or under construction as well as note toll routes that lie ahead!
If you’ve been waiting for this, the time is now to be a part of the beta app and help shape it. You can download the latest BlackBerry Traffic Beta v3.0 free from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you’re registered, hurry on over and sign in to participate in the Beta. If you haven’t, the registering is free and so is the beta. Now’s a great time to take part in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

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