ZonaSnap – Multipurpose Screen Capture Now Officially Available For OS 7!

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I had been really distraught that BlackBerry App World had the message under ZonaSnap as being unavailable for my device when I upgraded to my Bold 9930. It’s my favorite screen capture app for many reasons. Javier from ZonaBlackBerry let us know that BlackBerry App World has opened ZonaSnap for those with OS 7. Check it out…

App World has emailed Javier and let him know that they had tested ZonaSnap on the OS 7 and that is now available to new BlackBerry 7 smartphone customers through BlackBerry App World. For those who had it through our BlackBerry Sync Store, it’s available in there as well and is the same exact version. But now it’s also officially available from the BlackBerry App World.

Thanks to Bla1ze from CrackBerry, who let me know that many apps still work with OS 7, I was able to download from the BlackBerry Sync Store, register my copy and was relieved, so I’ve been using it since, but now that it’s official, I wanted to share with everyone. All of my screenshots are done using the ZonaSnap app. Here’s what makes the ZonaSnap – Multipurpose Screen Capture stand out besides that it integrates with BBM 6:

  • Zonasnap added as an menu item with options to remove.
  • Send snap of your screen without saving straight from the screen as email, to Photobucket, Twitter, BlackBerry® Messenger Contact or simply save to SD card under your pictures folder.
  • Can be added as a convenience key.
  • Really small in file size.
  • When used from the menu it gives you a preview of your screen shot.
  • Files can be saved as jpg or png format.
  • After the capture is sent to Photobucket, you will receive a notification in a window reporting that the image code has been received and it has been inserted into Memopad.
  • Short vibration to let you know the snap has been taken with option to remove this alert.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Options for add a Water Mark and rotate it, add Opacity, Scale and Align into the Capture, this Water Mark can be selected from the SD Card pictures.
  • Full 7 days Trial. After the expired will be available all the main options except the selection of the watermark, will be set a default water mark in the capture.
  • Options to change the quality of the capture in the format jpg.
Here are the latest features that were added:
  • Added integration with BBM 6 for send the capture to BBM Contacts
  • Added new feature for Edit the Capture
  • Fixed the blurry in some water marks
  • Added new feature for Get the License from the Menu in the Register Screen

ZonaSnap will now be shown to support the following devices:

BlackBerry Torch 98XX, BlackBerry Bold 99XX, and BlackBerry curve 93XX.

Download the trial or purchase ZonaSnap – Multipurpose Screen Capture  for $1.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here


Download the trial or purchase ZonaSnap – Multipurpose Screen Capture for $1.99 from the BlackBerry App Store here

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