Your BlackBerry Fitness Trainer: FitDeck Mobile Now Supports OS 7 & Fix for 99XX

October 16, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

FitDeck Mobile has been my favorite fitness app for my BlackBerry because in my rushed schedule, I don’t have time to go to the gym but I have my very own fitness trainer so I can go at my own pace. Better yet, Jason from mobileXware LLC let me know they have a fix for the FitDeck Mobile on the 99xx.

We have posted FitDeck before it transformed. When it first came out, it was the FitDeck Bodyweight, and it now has progressed into FitDeck Mobile, with additional Decks available. The latest are: FitDeck Bodyweight, Office, Pilates, and Stairs. There are two new additions: Yoga and Navy Seal. FitDeck’s founder is Phil Black, who created the idea combining his fave card game with the exercises he did as a Navy Seal making exercise fun. The three things they strive to achieve are: simple, convenient, and fun. FitDeck Bodyweight are exercises based upon his Navy Seal program which uses your own body to tone and shape.

I downloaded FitDeck Mobile to my BlackBerry Bold 9930, but found that the screen was displaying the wrong way. The fix for that issue if you have FitDeck Mobile for the 99xx is the following link:

FitDeck Mobile 99XX fix here

I’ll be reviewing the Yoga Deck next. If you haven’t purchased FitDeck Mobile yet, it’s time to check it out. The first four decks are available in the BlackBerry App World.

Download FitDeck Bodyweight from BlackBerry App World for $9.99 here

Download FitDeck Pilates from BlackBerry App World for $9.99 here

Download FitDeck Stairs from BlackBerry App World for $6.99 here

Download FitDeck Office from BlackBerry App World for $6.99 here

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