Update: BeBuzz by Bellshare GmbH v4.0.87 With Enhancements

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BeBuzz (formerly known as BerryBuzz) by Bellshare GmbH, has updated in the BlackBerry App World. There were a few fixes and improvements. BeBuzz is my favorite app for notifications, whether your BlackBerry is set to sound or silent. What’s new with BeBuzz? Check it out…

The new features added are as follows:

  • Fixed long playing reminder ringtones not stopping right away when notification is cleared
  • Improved detection of ScoreMobile
  • Improved detection of Nimbuzz
Add this to the already great features of this unique notfication app:
  • Custom LED color, repeating audible alert, vibrate and on-screen notifications (“toasts”) for
    – E-Mails, SMS and Calls (Global or from SPECIFIC CONTACTS)
    – BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM)
    – Missed Calls, PIN Messages, Level 1 Messages, Calendar, Tasks, Coverage Indicator, Battery Low, Battery Charging, Battery Full
    – Many 3rd party apps (see list below)
  • 12 rapid flashing DISCO COLORS will draw even more attention to your phone
  • Create an unlimited number of CUSTOM LED COLORS and CUSTOM DISCOS
  • STACK 2 LED COLORS for even more color variations
  • LED flashing is fully customizable and can be set to automatically stop after a specified interval to save battery life
  • Mute all LED flashing and reminders at night
  • Optimized for minimum battery and memory usage
Supported 3rd party apps are: AIM, AP Mobile News, BeReader, BeWeather, BeejiveIM, Blaq, crunchSMS, eBay, Facebook, GoogleMail, GoogleTalk, GoogleVoice, ICQ, instango, IM+, Kik Messenger, MSN Messenger, MeterBerry, myKite, MySpace, Nimbuzz, OS 6 Social Feeds, OpenBeak, Pingchat, Pocket Informant, Skype Mobile, SocialScope, Trillian, TweetGenius, Tweetissimo, Twitter, Ubertwitter/UberSocial, Viigo, Whatsapp, Yahoo! Messenger, YouMail
If you don’t have BeBuzz, it’s only $5.99 in the BlackBerry App World. If you do have it, be sure and update.


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