Is Starbuck’s Cup Half Empty When It Comes To BlackBerry?

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When I first heard about the Barnes & Noble phasing out support for the BlackBerry, I wasn’t bothered by it. After all, I use Kobo and Amazon Kindle. But when I read about Starbucks “re-evaluating” the BlackBerry platform, I became very disappointed in Starbucks. This is why…

When Starbucks was first announced, I was really excited. I know a lot of us who live on our BlackBerry and coffee. The first Starbucks app came to the BlackBerry. When I upgraded to the 9650 I lost my app as it was no longer compatible with that device and they hadn’t gone to any effort or lengths to change that. I was back to relying on my cards instead of the application. So I haven’t been able to use the Starbucks application since two BlackBerry devices ago so it shouldn’t have been such a shock to hear that they were washing their hands of any new devices. What does the whole re-evaluating mean anyways? This is what the site states:

Thanks for your interest in Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry. We’re currently evaluating support for the BlackBerry platform and will no longer be offering our current application to new users.

If you’ve previously downloaded Starbucks Card Mobile for your BlackBerry, you can still use the app in our 6,800 company-opperated Starbucks Stores, 1,000 Target locations, and roughly 1,000 Safeway locations.

If it’s the number of customers using the BlackBerry app, perhaps they should look into their app which hasn’t been available to any new devices since the BlackBerry Tour. I’m really disappointed in Starbucks for this move. Perhaps it’s that they can’t find a talented enough developer who is able to bring the app up to par for OS 6 and OS 7. Nonetheless, it’s not going to dissuade my love of my BlackBerry because an expensive coffee app is only available on an iPhone or Android device. I may even be more tempted to going back to making my own coffee with Millstone and save the extra dollars. Does anyone else have any thoughts they’d like to share?

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