Important BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update: v1.07.3312 With Updated Adobe Flash Player

October 6, 2011 | By | 5 Comments

Inside BlackBerry posted up the new update to the BlackBerry PlayBook that is available for all BlackBerry PlayBook users. While it’s not the v2.0 we are all waiting on, it’s an important update nonetheless which fixes a vulnerability found in the Adobe Flash Player. Check it out…

The following was the announcement from Inside BlackBerry:

A new version of the BlackBerry® Tablet OS is now available to all BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet users. BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.07.3312 contains an updated version of Adobe® Flash® Player. This free update can be downloaded over-the-air from your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

On September 21st, Adobe issued an update for Adobe Flash Player, as noted in Adobe Security Bulletins APSB-11-26, which addresses issues that can potentially affect any PC, tablet, or other device with an operating system that supports Adobe Flash.

While there are no known reports of any BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users being affected by these Adobe Flash issues, we (as always) encourage all BlackBerry PlayBook users to update to the newest version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS. For more information about what these security updates mean to the BlackBerry PlayBook, please see our security advisory.

New PlayBook Tablet owners who purchase the PlayBook from here on out will receive the update as part of the PlayBook setup process. For those of us who already have one, you will get a notification of the OS update which only takes a few minutes to install or you can find the update and install OTA. To find your update slide down the top of the BlackBerry PlayBook to display the Options, go to Software Updates, tap the Check For Updates button and the update will appear and will alert you to restart the PlayBook when the update is downloaded and installed.

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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