Update: BeBuzz Updates to v4.0.85 With Support and Fixes

September 6, 2011 | By | 3 Comments

BeBuzz updated officially in the BlackBerry App World. BeBuzz is one of my favorite notification applications. It gives you the ability to add colored LED lights for different alerts with toasts and vibrate. I’ve used BeBuzz for a long time, so what’s new now?

BeBuzz by Bellshare GmbH has the following changelog:

  • Added Support for KakaoTalk
  • Added support for ToDoMatrix Professional
  • Potential fix for alert going off when filing messages/e-mails
  • Potential fix for general SMS/contact SMS flashing at the same time on some device
Add these features to the current features:
  • Choose from 20 predefined solid LED and 12 rapid flashing DISCO LED COLORS
  • Assign colors for E-Mails, SMS and Calls from your FAVORITE CONTACTS
  • This FULL version gives you UNLIMITED CONTACTS
  • Assign colors for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Missed Calls, Calendar, Tasks, Battery and many 3rd party apps (see list below)
  • Create an unlimited number of CUSTOM LED COLORS and DISCOS
  • STACK 2 LED COLORS for even more color variations
  • Repeating Notifiers: Keep your phone’s audible notifiers repeating until you acknowledge them
  • On-Screen Popup Notifiers: Unobtrusive on-screen messages (“toasts”) for messages and events
  • Vibrate-While-Ringing: Have vibrate while ringing for notifiers and incoming calls.
  • Vibrate/sound on call connect/disconnect
  • Fully customizable and doesn’t drain your battery!
Currently BeBuzz supports the following third party apps:  AIM, AP Mobile News, BeReader, BeWeather, BeejiveIM, BerryReview Mobile, BlackBerry News Feeds, Blaq, Chat for Facebook Pro, crunchSMS, eBay, Facebook, GoogleMail, GoogleTalk, GoogleVoice, GroupMe, ICQ, IM+, Improved Chat for Facebook, Kik Messenger, LiveProfile, MSN Messenger, MeterBerry, MySpace, Nimbuzz, OS 6 Social Feeds, OpenBeak, Pingchat, Pocket Informant, Skype, ScoreMobile, SocialScope, Soti Pocket Controller Pro, TheBirthdayApp, Trillian, TweetGenius, Tweetissimo, Twitter, UberSocial, Viigo, Whatsapp, Yahoo! Messenger, YouMail.
BeBuzz is available in BlackBerry App world for $5.99. If you have BeBuzz, the upgrade is free. If you purchased your copy of BeBuzz from the BlackBerry Sync Store, don’t worry, the upgrade will be showing in the store soon. This is one of those apps you really will love, as it allows total customization of your top contacts, emails, sms, pins, bbm, third party apps, and more! Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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  • Stephan Mirsky

    I am deaf. Using my BB for messaging and chatting! Relying on the vibrator only however I have missed a few incoming messages because of short vibes. Would the BeBuzz allow me to increase the number/length of vibrations with the ringer off? Would be a boon for the hearing impaired BBers!

  • http://www.tentoon.com/vbg//member.php?u=21277 Tova Trieu

    Extremely remarkable. Keep those types of posts coming back.

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