Real Contact by Moobile Enables You to Have Real Contact With Your BBM Friends

September 24, 2011 | By | 5 Comments

Real Contact is a free app available in the BlackBerry App World. The app integrates with BBM 6 allowing you to find your friends while on the go and set up alerts as well. I tried this out and I have to admit I found it to be very interesting. Check it out…

Real Contact is somewhat similar to Google’s Latitude in that it allows you and your BBM friends to share your location and availability. It allows you to set up alerts and all. It utilizes BlackBerry Maps which is really a great feature. Here’s the description from out of BlackBerry App World:

Just set the privacy settings on the app to share your location, availability, battery level and signal level with each BBM Contact. Never lose your pal again on a concert or split up in a mall. Get together again just by checking your phone screen. Let your BlackBerry® alert you whenever you get closer than 400 meters/a quarter of a mile from a BBM contact. RealContact improves meeting chances generating more Coffee Breaks around the world. Is privacy a concern? Just manage every feature on the settings panel and share only with who you want to. RealContact does not connect to any external server but only to the BBM infrastructure, protecting your privacy.

From the app you can do the following:

  • Invite friends to download
  • Invite friends to join
  • Notify me when…(Contact to set notification rules, Distance when contact is near from my location or address, Availability when available or busy, notify me when a call is initiated, when a call is finished, Battery is low, Signal is low, WiFi is connected, all of which are set off by default)
  • Disable 400 Notifier
  • Contact List
  • My Location
  • Provide Feedback
This could be a really great way of keeping in touch with each other, and no one has to share more than they want when it comes to privacy. Check it out and let us know what you think. I really thought it’s a neat way of sharing and keeping up with one another. And again, it’s another BBM integrated app that I’m really finding fun.

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  • michel


    We are the creators of the app. We really apreciate your review!
    Thanks a lot,

  • Rudolph


    BB Curve 8520
    I have done the installation which a got from my daughter
    My wife and hers wprks perfectly but mine?????????

    Connection succeed
    Retrieving actual location………….

    Thats were it stays.


  • Hishamdxb

    Does the bbm contacts have a limitations on distance in real contact application (Exapmle: 2000 kms from two different countries)?

    My contact list shows “available” for the contacts but in RED icon and i can’t access any of my contacts details neither can she. Can anyone help plz?

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  • Nanaxx85

    hi i was wondering who the other ppl knows that i have a waiting and there is somr one is calling ,me .its nor privecy at all ? how i can cancel this ?????????????