BlackBerry PlayBook Sales This Labor Day Weekend! Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

September 1, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Our favorite Tablet is on sale in different places this Labor Day Weekend. Now’s the time to purchase the BlackBerry PlayBook and take advantage of the deals. Who’s having deals? Amazon, Best Buy, and even Staples. We’ll show you the prices so you can decide your destination of purchase. Check it out…

Amazon has the following prices for the BlackBerry PlayBook:

Best Buy has the BlackBerry PlayBook at the following prices:

Staples has the BlackBerry PlayBook at the following prices AFTER a $100 Easy Rebate:

It would appear that for the 16 GB Staples has the best price followed by Amazon. For the 32 GB the best price is Staples followed by Amazon. But for the all around best price for the 64 GB is Best Buy followed by Staples. For these prices, it’s a great time to purchase your BlackBerry PlayBook or get one for your loved ones. Christmas is just around the corner as well. So while you’re enjoying this Labor Day weekend be sure to check out the sales.

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