A Quick Look at the FREE MOLOME for BlackBerry v2.0.1 With BBM 6 Integration

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MOLOME is a fun free social app that allows you to use filters on your pics and share with your friends. You can share your moments, love others pics, comment, and even share on Facebook and Twitter. MOLOME to me is like Twitter meets Flickr with Foursquare-like badges. Check it out…

MOLOME is available in the BlackBerry App World and is a neat and interesting little concept. Especially with those of us who used Flickr. It’s also one of the BBM 6 integrated apps that are available. When I first downloaded and installed it, I had to set up my profile and I was ready to roll. So what is MOLOME and how does it work?

The key features of MOLOME are as follows:

  • Fast camera access for instant sharing
  • 14 magical filters, including the all time popular Vignette, Parlo, Croosy, Old Paper, Vintage, Sepia and Black & White
  • New filters for MOLOME™ Blackberry release: Rainbow
  • Sharing to MOLOME™ network, Facebook and Twitter
  • Earn Badges
  • Follow and view Friends’ photos
  • View Popular photos
  • Love and comment photos
  • Notification
  • Easy view and update your own profile & photo
  • Optimize performance for Blackberry devices
  • Fast upload speed
  • 100% free and unlimited photo uploads
  • 640×480 screen resolution are fully supported
How do you use MOLOME? First you need some friends to follow, just like Twitter. You can share your handle for more friends. This is a  really neat way of sharing some great photos and finding your inner photographer skills. MOLOME has a cute little mascot which is an owl named MOLO. There are two tabs at the top, Timeline and Popular. You can view the most popular pics in the MOLOME community and in Timeline see your friends and your pics. At the bottom are three tabs, the MOLOME timeline and popular, camera and pics, and your page which is your Notifications, Profile, and Settings at the top and your loves, badges, and friends who are following you.
In your settings you can find the following:
  • Find Friends
  • Suggested Friends
  • Profile Setting
  • Social Network Setting (Twitter and Facebook)
  • MOLOME Settings
  • Language
  • About
You set up your profile and then click on the pictures, upload your picture, use your filters (there are some you need to unlock), and share them. It’s really interesting to see the pictures everyone is sharing and get ideas and pointers. You can also get as creative as you like. You can even change your profile picture with MOLOME.
MOLOME is free and will always be free.


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