While Quakes Shake Virginia And Calls Fail, BBM Reliably Holds Communication

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On the East coast Tuesday, an earthquake with the magnitude of 5.9 shook Virginia state.There was no damage, but it did shake the communities and a large volume of calls wore on users of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. One service reliably worked: BlackBerry Messenger. Chile’s 2010 earthquake and 9/11 also proved BBM’s reliability.

Many people tried calling their relatives and friends, worried and wanting to make sure they were okay, despite the better advice of the Department of Homeland Security which cautioned not to try and call family on the east coast. With all the negative media with the London riots, it’s great to see the positive side of reliability and security. To know you can reach out and BBM your loved ones and friends no matter what the emergency encounters.

While no cell towers were affected, the mass volume of calls led to failed calls. In times of emergencies, cell phone service providers can change service such as in 9/11 where only the emergency responders, military, and personnel who are in need of communication have the access primarily. Again, BBM is not one that is altered.

It’s good to know that you have that availability no matter what may happen, this is one of the BlackBerry’s strong points. Did any of our readers find themselves relying on their BBM due to failed calls? Share it with us.

[via: Bloomberg & Mashable]

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