Update: BlackBerry Bridge Updates to v1.0.5.6

August 24, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

The BlackBerry Bridge has updated this evening in BlackBerry App World, so it’s safe to say that a BlackBerry PlayBook OS update is on the way soon. There’s no changelog, but it’s pretty exciting and gives us hope. The Bridge gives you the ability to bridge  your BlackBerry to your BlackBerry PlayBook. What does it bridge?

  • Messages (your BlackBerry emails, to read and to send)
  • Contacts (send emails to your contacts, or read them)
  • Bridge Browser (use your BlackBerry’s browser for browsing online)
  • Calendar (use the Calendar and enter appointments)
  • BBM (Anser and send BBM messages)
  • MemoPad
  • Tasks
  • Bridge Files (read or see some of your files on your BlackBerry)
If you have a BlackBerry and BlackBerry PlayBook, be sure to update your BlackBerry Bridge by going into the BlackBerry App World/My World and refresh your list. If that doesn’t work, try holding Alt+R+S+T. It should refresh your update that’s waiting. If you have your BlackBerry and the BlackBerry PlayBook, you really need to download the Bridge and check it out.


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