Update: BlackBerry Bridge Updates to v1.0.5.6

August 24, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

The BlackBerry Bridge has updated this evening in BlackBerry App World, so it’s safe to say that a BlackBerry PlayBook OS update is on the way soon. There’s no changelog, but it’s pretty exciting and gives us hope. The Bridge gives you the ability to bridge ¬†your BlackBerry to your BlackBerry PlayBook. What does it bridge?

  • Messages (your BlackBerry emails, to read and to send)
  • Contacts (send emails to your contacts, or read them)
  • Bridge Browser (use your BlackBerry’s browser for browsing online)
  • Calendar (use the Calendar and enter appointments)
  • BBM (Anser and send BBM messages)
  • MemoPad
  • Tasks
  • Bridge Files (read or see some of your files on your BlackBerry)
If you have a BlackBerry and BlackBerry PlayBook, be sure to update your BlackBerry Bridge by going into the BlackBerry App World/My World and refresh your list. If that doesn’t work, try holding Alt+R+S+T. It should refresh your update that’s waiting. If you have your BlackBerry and the BlackBerry PlayBook, you really need to download the Bridge and check it out.


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