TransFire Coming To a BlacKBerry Near You!

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If you have an iPhone, you’re no doubt familiar with TransFire already. Transfire is an application that has the ability to translate chat messages into over 50 different languages instantly! Imagine having no language barriers when chatting with friends all over the world. We’re proud to announce that it’s coming to BlackBerry. Read on.

The first version of Transfire has passed 150,000 downloads and that’s in over 70 countries. They let us know that they have secured $170,000 in their first round of equity funding, and they’re going to be producing a Transfire app for the BlackBerry as well. The app will be free and break the language barrier as they have been doing for the iPhone users. Transfire uses key technologies to translate between 52 languages with excellent accuracy and quality in both incoming and outgoing chat.

Their description is here:

Imagine having the ability in the palm of your hand to instantly communicate with almost anyone anywhere in the world. In an ever-changing world of communication technologies and smartphone advances, TransFire offers a simple, easy to use application to write or even teach yourself to speak almost any language. TransFire offers fast & accurate Translation, Phonetic Transliteration, Text to Speech, Translated Chat, & Social Networking features. Instantly translate & send messages to and from over 50 languages.

For chats:

For Outgoing Chat:

  • Select your buddy’s language by tapping the flag and your chat will auto-translate to that language.
  • The translated chat will appear on your buddy’s screen without any action on their part. Simple!


For Incoming Chat:

  • Select your default language so that all incoming chat will auto-translate to your own native language.
  • Under SETTINGS, select USER PROFILE. Here you can select your default language.
  • Once you have selected a default language, all incoming chat will auto-translate to your language without any further action on your part!
You can say it phonetically or text to speech.
  • Text to Speech feature will accurately speak the translated message
  • Speech even includes the proper accent for that language
  • Combine Text to Speech with Phonetic Transliteration and easily teach your self to speak another language
The app currently does the following for the iPhone:
  • Easily share your translated phrase
  • with friends or family via Email, Text,
  • Facebook, Twitter or google talk.
Hopefully Transfire for the BlackBerry will be integrated with BBM 6 as well. This is an exciting app to have, and we’re looking forward to Transfire coming to the BlackBerry.
We’ll be keeping you posted, but in the meantime, be sure to check out Transfire from their website here.

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