The Cold Hard Facts of Mobile Security With Do’s And Don’ts

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We’ve been following the issue of mobile security. If you think about it, smartphones are computers with voice and just as vulnerable. While some phones are more susceptible than others, BullGuard let us know about an informative article on Mashable. Check it out…

We’ve all heard about the incident in March when Google removed 21 malware apps from the Marketplace with a killswitch so that it removed the apps from any user’s phone without the user having to worry about it. A month later Skype revealed their Android app was vulnerable if the user had malicious software installed on their phone. BullGuard is an app that is very similar to SMobile Security(which was acquired by Juniper Networks) and is powered by Juniper Networks.

The following is an infographic that goes into the facts, do’s and don’ts of Mobile Security:

While the BlackBerry is pretty secure, there’s some things to keep in mind. Remember when Etilisat sent out SMS messages to it’s clients prompting them to download a patch for their BlackBerry phones which turned out to be spyware? The spyware was detected by SMobile and RIM was quick to give users the directions on how to remove it. That’s one way of acquiring spyware. Another way is leaving your BlackBerry without a security password and it falling into the hands of someone who wants to keep their eye on you. I’ve seen a BlackBerry out in the open where the user was complaining about his battery dying quickly and when the battery was pulled and it restarted, the culprit came up and wanted to be reregistered. He stated his wife was the only one who used his phone. Hmm.

Now with the BlackBerry, the app must be installed by the person on the phone. Keep it password protected and don’t download apps from someone unless you know and trust them. That’s the way to keep safe. Let us know what you think about the information shared by BullGuard and Mashable in the comments. Have you ever seen Malware/Spyware out in the open?

If you have concerns, then check out BullGuard Mobile Security, which is available for only $29.95 for a yearly subscription and includes a full featured antivirus/malware system, and makes it worry free for you. It’s available for the BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows, and Android.

Purchase your copy of BullGuard Mobile Security for $29.95 here

[via: Mashable]

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  • ofutur

    Good timing.
    It’s been possible to hack BES servers by sending special TIFFs and PNGs to BlackBerry phones until Tuesday. No need to get the user to install an app to take control of the business’ network :).

  • Lucille

    Great post and I like the image explanation :)
    Is it ok if I use this as basis and reference for my write-up and a mini info-planner I’m creating?