The BlackBerry PlayBook As Law Enforcement Technology

August 24, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

The Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog had a really interesting story about how Mobile Innovations and RIM have enabled some dodge charger police vehicles in Canada with the BlackBerry PlayBook, bringing a light and portable solution to defend and protect. Seeing is believing.

I was really impressed after reading and seeing the video with Mobile Innovations. They’ve mounted the BlackBerry PlayBook into the police car as well as a Bluetooth keyboard that is on a mount that can be moved to either the driver or the passenger. The officer can use his or her BlackBerry to bridge to the PlayBook and there’s software that allows several uses for the officer, information at the fingertips such as suspects, looking up licenses, maps, etc.

The features are as follows:

  • The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet includes the full BlackBerry Tablet OS, allowing officers to access core and third-party applications on top of the custom tools tailored to police work. All of the existing BlackBerry PlayBook tablet features are included in the device, such as the popular multi-tasking functionality. BlackBerry PlayBook tablet applications specific to police work include access to databases, communications, task lists, and more.
  • The tablet, even while remaining as a portable and detachable device, is hooked right into the mechanical functions of the vehicle. Pressing the right buttons on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s touch screen can toggle the emergency lights, raise the caution sign on top of the vehicle, control sirens, and eventually, video feeds from the car’s cameras. Trust me when I say that it was a “wow” moment when I touched the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet screen and the emergency lights came on!
  • A Bluetooth keyboard is equipped below the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Both of these are mounted onto a swivel that allows each to be positioned in the most convenient way possible for driver, passenger, or both to have access.
I love how the BlackBerry PlayBook can be removed easily for the officer to take on the go and it is situated away from the airbags so it doesn’t endanger the officer. The BlackBerry is currently the only approved wireless device for use with law enforcement use for accessing the data they use. The PlayBook is a low cost solution that is cheaper to mount.
For more details, check out the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog and let us know what you think. I’m just amazed at all the capabilities and uses are available with the PlayBook.

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