Screen Grabber (No Watermark) for BlackBerry Works With BlackBerry OS 7

August 18, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Michael from the Jared Company let us know about Screen Grabber Free and Screen Grabber Pro that are available in the BlackBerry App World. After upgrading to the new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930, I noticed that my favorite screen shot app ZonaSnap wasn’t available just yet. Screen captures are important, and with Screen Grabber I can still get those screenshots I need. Here’s the details…

I really was ansy after being so used to ZonaSnap for so long, I was at a loss for my screen captures. Thanks to Screen Grabber, I can still get those shots. Here’s a few neat features of the app:

  • No Watermarks
  • No Sounds
  • No Requests to upgrade
The following are the extensive features of the app:
  • With a single click take a screen shot of your BlackBerry® screen. Tap. Done.
  • Set your Convenience Key to Screen Grabber for quick access.
  • Option to take screen grabs at full resolution or reduced file size resolution.
  • Option to save screen grabs in picture folder or Screen Grabber folder.
  • Email that screen shot to anyone, anywhere, any time. JaredCo makes sharing simple.
  • Unlike other screen shot apps, Screen Grabber saves the screen shot image in a small size making it easier to email and to save.
  • Screen Grabber stores all your screen captures in a new picture file called Screen Grabs. Want to see your contacts list from a month ago? Easy. If you grabbed a screen shot of that important client’s phone number, it’s in the file labeled Screen Grabs, right where we put it for you.
  • Want to send a map or directions to your technically-impaired friends? It doesn’t get any easier than click and send with Screen Grabber.
  • Organize your BlackBerry® Screen Grabs in a single place – one folder holds it all in an “at-a-glance” format.
  • So simple to synch, Screen Grabber does it all for you. Download and you’re good to go.
I like how easy it is to you. I found it worked great with my Bold Touch. It adds the Screen Grabber to the menu. If you are looking for a screen saver app for your BlackBerry, this is a great one to keep in mind. Screen Grabber Free and Screen Grabber Pro ($1.99) are available in the BlackBerry App World.

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