Our First Impression With BBM Music Beta, Social Music Sharing Via BBM

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We’ve had some time to play with the upcoming BBM Music Beta Program and we thought we’d share our first impressions and what we think of it so far. We’ll also go over some of the pro’s and con’s of the application, so here it goes…

First off we are very excited with this program. It’s really a great concept and has lots of potential. Secondly, it’s a great way to share music and find new music thanks to your BBM friends. The more friends you have participating, the more music is available to you. You choose fifty, they each choose up to fifty. This is great if everyone chooses their fifty, but depending on your friend’s taste in music, is the selection will be available to you.

The features of this great app are as follows:

  • Build your music profile from a catalogue of millions of tracks (with more to be added over the coming weeks)
  • Invite friends to BBM Music from your BBM contacts and gain access to their music
  • Create playlists from your BBM Music songs plus your friends’ songs
  • Share playlists or single songs with BBM Music friends
  • Follow your friends’ BBM Music activity via timelines and comments, or start up a BBM chat about your favorite bands
  • Cache music for easy offline listening
  • Seamless integration with other BlackBerry music services

It took a little bit to figure out the app fully, and it’s not hard at all. I really like it, seeing how it reminds me of Pandora somewhat but with no commercials, and you have the ability to ignore a song. But there’s no place to give the song a thumbs up, only to comment on it. To fully understand and appreciate the app, we’ll share a few features with you.

After installing, you have four tabs: Home, My Music, Invite and Share, and Catalog.

In Home you can see your BBM friends once you’ve invited and joined with them, and it shows their BBM Music friends and music they’ve added. My Music has your profile with status, Comments, My Music with My Playlists and Shuffle with your songs under that. The Invite and Share tab has Add Contact, All Songs, and the BBM friends you are sharing with. The Catalog tab has Get Started, Catalog, Searcj. Featured, Staff Picks, New, Genres, Top and Recommended. In the Options, you see your Account and the option to Show Explicit Content, Period End Date, and Stream media using WiFi and/or Mobile Network.

You can even cache your music which is really nice. I like that you have the choice of streaming on WiFi and WiFi and Network, because our concern is that those without unlimited data would be facing overages with BBM Music streaming. If you don’t have an unlimited plan, then we highly recommend using the WiFi option to stream the music.

Now here’s the neat part. Yes, the limit is fifty songs, however if your BBM buddies choose fifty songs as well as you, you are able to build the music that streams. So it’s only a limit of fifty you choose, not what you are able to stream. Hopefully your friends have great music taste. You can choose Shuffle all and your music and your friends is played in a mixed selection. You can see the time it’s played and how long the song is, rewind, fast forward, pause, and through the options end music player. The top right corner has a music note with an X and that is your Ignore Song or Ignore Songs by Artist. In Options you have Pause, Switch Audio Output, Add to My Songs, Add Music to Playlist, Ignore Song, Share Song, Comment on Song, Song Details ( The Artist, Album, Genre, Explicit, Duration, and the Release Date) View Album, View Artist, Recommend Similar, and Who Has This Song. While listening to a song, you can scroll through the song art that has played and what’s going to be played. It’s really a neat feature, similar to the carousel of BlackBerry App World.

We really think BBM Music will do well and is worth a subscription as it has great tunes and a chance to find tunes you like. Search is easy to use, although not all the artists music is available, there’s quite the great selection.

The requirements are that you have the latest BBM Messenger. If you’re interested, click on the following link to sign up for the BBM Music when it becomes available in the BlackBerry App World.

Sign up for BBM Music


[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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