Foursquare Shares the Success Of the BlackBerry App and BBM Integration

August 13, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

*Updated: The BerryReview Team was at the BBM Hackathon in NYC and another great piece of information they shared was Foursquare’s presentation. Peter Nofelt and Jeff Hu of Foursquare was there and they shared some very interesting data with the attendees. Not only did they speak about Foursquare and the BBM integration, Jeff brought along numbers to back it up.

*Peter Nofelt and Jeff Hu are the Foursquare BlackBerry Developers who have been improving Foursquare making it what it is today and what it will become tomorrow.

Since adding BBM integration, the following was discovered:

  • 30% of overall foursquare usage is from BlackBerry Smartphones
  • Active usage is much stronger on BlackBerry than any other platform
  • BBM integration took Pete 2 days using RIM’s provided plugin code.
  • With BBM Integration BlackBerry is now beating Android and iPhone for new user signups
  • Huge spikes in downloads for Foursquare when each BBM release was put out as you can see in the graph above
Peter and Jeff also shared a few tips for developers:
  • Don’t be spammy
  • Respect a user’s trust they gave you when they installed the app
  • Make sure to invite friends
  • Take advantage of the BBID profile
  • Make your info easy to share
  • Change the package name to avoid conflicts if you use RIM’s plugin
  • The RIM provided code degrades gracefully so it wont throw exceptions if a user is using a non BBM6 supported OS or does not have BBM6 and installs your BBM powered app
  • Throw in extras like a nice bright color scheme and start up screen which users appreciate from Foursquare
  • Design beyond a user’s expectations
What BBM integrated apps do you have that you’re using now? How do you feel about the BBM integrated apps?

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  • Pete

    Awesome post! One comment, I forgot to mention that Jeff Hu, foursquare’s second BlackBerry developer took the lead on a lot of the BBM work. I forgot to mention that in my talk and I think its well deserved.

  • Susan

    Thanks Pete, I’ll update it…I really love Foursquare, and my brother was so upset that his girlfriend started using it to. She has an iPhone, but I forgave her since it’s Foursquare.