Checking Out Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader On The BlackBerry PlayBook

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While Amazon hasn’t designed an app just yet for the BlackBerry PlayBook, one new alternative is the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader that works on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I’ve had a few days to check it out, and it’s a great start to reading your Kindle books.

The first thing you do is sign up at the cloud link which we’ll include at the end. You’ll want to have your BlackBerry PlayBook in portrait mode. The Cloud Reader stores all your Kindle books for you to be to read them. After signing in, you’ll choose your book you want to read. After choosing your book, be patient, it takes a few minutes to load.

Once loaded you can see the options at the top. The book symbol gives you the option of Cover, Table of Contents, Beginning, and Location. The font symbol gives you the font size, the color mode of white, sepia, and black. Refresh which will take you to the furthest page you’ve reached, and the bookmark. Swiping from right to left will turn the pages as if you were turning a page. Tapping on the page brings up all your options and shows the location of the book.

While the Cloud alternative isn’t perfect by any means, it’s an alternative while we still wait for the Amazon Kindle app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you have an Amazon Kindle account, I highly recommend checking it out.

You can sign into the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader and Bookmark it on the BlackBerry PlayBook here

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