Canada Post Commemorates Research In Motion and BlackBerry

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Canadians have been the inventors of many things we’ve come to enjoy in our everyday lives such as Ginger Ale, Insulin, lawn sprinklers, and even the every day garbage bags. The Canadian Post has chosen to honor the first electric oven, first electric wheelchair, the first cardiac pacemaker, and RIM’s BlackBerry! Check it out…

I ran across the headline from CrackBerry, which was found on BBOS from the Canada Postal Service. The collection is titled Canadian Innovations and commemorates the greatest leaps in science and creativity from Canada. This is quite the honor and shows some Canadian pride. I’m really glad to see this happen. I’m not really a stamp collector, but this is one I’ll be sure to get.

The excerpt from the Canada Postal Service about the BlackBerry stamp is the following:

While smart phones and other communications devices, as well as technologies such as push email and mobile apps, are commonplace now, they were nearly the stuff of science fiction in 1999, when Research in Motion (RIM) founders Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie introduced the now iconic BlackBerry®. Their invention freed information workers from their desks and changed the way the world communicates. Subsequent versions and continuous innovation have kept RIM and its BlackBerry device a front runner in the massive smart phone market.

You can purchase a booklet of 8 Canadian Innovations stamps from Canada Post here

You can purchase the Canadian Innovations – Official First Day Cover from Canada Post here


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  • piper975

    It’s Canada Post … it does not, and never have been plural !!!

  • Susan

    Thank you Piper!