Why RIM’s Management Transition is Working For The Best

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I read BlackBerry Cool’s editorial and it’s one I had to share with our readers. The article is titled “Why RIM’s Management Changes Are For The Best“. Valid points are brought up and explained. RIM is not the first company experiencing a transition, as all successful companies know change is a good thing. Check it out…

There’s been so much negativity in the media. It seems as though they’re looking at the dark side of the situation, and not the positive side. They also paint a more sinister dark portrayal of what’s really going on. All successful companies go through change, it’s necessary as technology advances. Here’s the headlines and some of the points made.

Did RIM lose its BlackBerry software boss just ahead of QNX transition? The handheld software is what everyone complains is out of date. So with the new software coming in, it only makes sense that someone else will take the lead.

RIM loses BlackBerry PlayBook Manager to Samsung. With the BlackBerry PlayBook announced early, being released and delayed, lacking features that many users were expecting, it received some dark reviews. Is it really bad that the Manager is now with Samsung?

RIM Marketer joins a Rival and RIM CMO Out on Eve of PlayBook Tablet Launch. With the marketing team getting new leadership, perhaps this should convey a better message. They also make a valid point. There’s BlackBerry users who don’t know their phone can run apps or that there are apps that they could use that would make the BlackBerry even more for them.

Research In Motion Announces Retirement of Dan Morrison. After his dedicated years and experience, it’s time to retire. It’s not a bad event, when someone retires, it’s a relief for that person to enjoy the fruit of their hardwork and not worry about the work anymore, and hand the task to their replacement.

Research In Motion Provides Management Update and Details on Cost Optimization Program. It seems like some of the same people are moving up and taking on more.

One they forgot to mention was RIM to Discontinue WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook? Which in the end turned out to be completely false and RIM even responded to it to say so. It’s that type of negative publicity with sheer rumor that can make a situation look worse, especially when there’s no truth to it.

With many of the new acquisitions RIM has been involved with, ScoreLoop, TAT, Tungle, Tiny Hippos, and GIST there are many opportunities and possibilities ahead. Change is a necessity and it looks like RIM is working on that. While everything viewed lately seems negative, just remember that it’s in favor of a brighter future for RIM.

[via: BlackBerry Cool]


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