Review: SplashID Safe, Password Management Suite For BlackBerry

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SplashData, one of the top developers of security applications for smartphones launched SplashID Safe in the BlackBerry App World this week. It takes the place of jotting down notes on sticky notes that are confidential and keeping them safe and close to you as your BlackBerry. Check it out…

This is the all-new version 6.0. It’s a great solution for storing identity information besides your logins and passwords, and can include your credit card numbers, bank accounts, vehicle information, and registration codes. It contains full cross-platform support. The SplashID Safe works seamlessly with PC’s, Macs, smartphones and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.

The features are as follows:

* Unlimited customizable record types and categories
* Backup and Synchronize data between your BlackBerry and your desktop PC using the desktop software (sold separately)
* Automatic password generator to create hacker-proof passwords
* Anti-phishing URL icons that deliver you to the correct address every time with no typing

I installed SplashID Safe on my BlackBerry Bold 9650 with OS 6. Once installed I was prompted for registering, including choosing a password which allows me to pick my own and tells me the strength or to allow the Automatic Password Generator to choose one for me. I chose my own. Next you are allowed a variety of categories and types.


  • Business
  • Personal
  • Unfiled


  • Bank Accounts
  • Birthdays
  • Calling Cards
  • Clothes Size
  • Combinations
  • Credit Cards
  • Email Accounts
  • Emergency Info
  • Files
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Identification
  • Insurance
  • Memberships
  • Phone Numbers
  • Prescriptions
In the Menu you are shown the following:
  • View All
  • Tree View
  • Wi-Fi Sync
  • Find Item
  • Add Item
  • DeDupe
  • Preferences
  • Edit Types
  • Edit Categories
  • Set Password
  • Mask/Unmask
  • Lock Now
  • Getting Started
  • About SplashID
Adding an item is easy. You click on Add Item, and there you select types and there is everything from birthdays to vehicle information. Then you choose the category. Then it shows an icon and this is really neat. Choose an icon to fit the entry. Customize your entry and then it’s safely tucked away. If you want to find it, go to the main screen and type a word from the entry and it will find it for you.
I really found it to be neat. If you leave the app and go back into it, you’ll find that it asks for your password each and every time. If you have the desktop version of SplashID Safe, then you can sync your mobile to your desktop. What I really love about the app is the security first of all, and the fact I can keep all my information in one place. In an era where your identity information and personal/work information is so important, it makes more sense to keep them protected and on hand. No more going though paperwork or having to remember all the small details on hand.
Pros: No one can access your information without a password. If your BlackBerry gets stolen or someone gains access to it, your information is safe. There’s a variety of information you can store in the app. It’s user friendly and fun as you can customize it right down to the icons. If security is something important to you, I very highly recommend this app.
Cons: I couldn’t find a con with this app at all. It has so many features in an easy format to use. What’s not to like?
SplashID for BlackBerry is available in the BlackBerry App World for $19.99 and upgrade for $9.99 and it’s truly worth it if you want to spare yourself the headache of searching for everything. SplashID Safe for the desktop is sold separately from SplashData for the price of $9.99 as well.
Works with BlackBerry OS 4.2 or higher
[rating: 5/5]

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