Happy Canada Day: Have Fun Today And Don’t Forget Great Beaver!

July 1, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Canada’s day is today and the U.S. will have their’s on July 4th. It always seems some of the great apps are never available for Canada, or at least not right away. There’s Pandora, Google Voice, Starbucks, and even XM radio for BlackBerry took a bit. But now Canada has an app exclusive to Canada: Great Beaver! Check it out…

Harry B. Garland came out with Great Beaver and it’s available in the BlackBerry App World for only $.99! The game is a strategy/arcade game and you control the path of the beaver by using your finger to draw a trail of dots for the beaver to follow. The mission: Collect beaver coins and avoid territorial beavers from other beaver clans. There’s four different enemy personalities. If you figure them out, share the personalities with us!

The game is not released outside of Canada because there’s too many Canadian references according to the creator.

Grab your copy of Great Beaver for $.99 for the BlackBerry PlayBook from the BlackBerry App World here

P.S. If you don’t reside in Canada the photo you see is what BlackBerry App World will display.

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