Android Player for BlackBerry PlayBook Leaked

July 22, 2011 | By | 3 Comments

Until now we’ve only seen pictures and videos of the Android Player on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Earlier today it was discovered that RIM accidently left a copy of the Android Player on their servers and BlackBerry addicts went wild! By following the links below you will be able to download the Android Player and test out upcoming functions on your PlayBook. The Android player will¬†essentially¬†allow you to install and run Android apps, although its not very easy (yet). The Android Player can not be downloaded via Browser on the PlayBook, it will need to be side-loaded from a PC. To find instructions on how to do so search Google for “DDPB installer” and you should be good to go. RIM has already removed the file from their server, but you can find many mirrors below. We should also note that this is a VERY early release of the Android Player and is not the final product. We expect that the final version will run a lot smoother.

Download links:

[via N4BB]

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