Update: SmrtGuard Updated To v5.25 With Improvements, Fixes, And Added Support

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I’m really excited over this update as previous versions didn’t acknowledge BlackBerry Maps but it now does. SmrtGuard is the mobile security app for your BlackBerry. There’s a lot of features included in this app and I am really liking the update and how the app works. Check it out…

When you now open the app, it moves to the side. The app contains an Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Backup, Restore, Your Data, FollowMe, Personal Guardian, and SIM Guardian. The Anti-Virus can be set to scan however often you choose, the Anti-Spam has an Email Blacklist and Anti-Spam Call Blocker. Backup can back up your Contacts, Memos, Tasks, Events, Call Logs, Emails, SMS, Blacklist, and 3rd Party Applications. You set it to update as often as you wish. Restore can restore all that you back up through the SmrtGuard. your Data shows what types and how many of certain data on your phone. Follow me can track you by vehicle or foot. Personal Guardian can be used to preset a panic button, a great feature for you and your loved ones. SIM Guardian will alert you when someone tries to change out your SIM card if it’s stolen.

So what’s new with this version?

  • Added support for backup multiple contact list (OS 5.0 and higher)
  • Added Remote screen capture and camera capture into Anti-theft feature
  • Fixed a critical restore bug for user migrating from Android to BB
  • Other GUI improvements

What else has been changed?

  • ADDED My Account Screen within the application
  • IMPROVED SmrtGuard for BlackBerry running OS 6.
  • UPDATED with new and secure way to authenticate with Twitter (for Personal Guardian feature)
  • FIXED issues with Call Blocker – Call Blocker will block without any short burst of ringtone and blocked calls will NOT go to voicemail.
  • FIXED minor issue with Email SPAM Blocker
  • ADDED email notification for Audio Ping and Remote Lock and also record action as location history
  • ADDED Application Notification on Home Screen if SmrtGuard finds any issue with backup and/or spyware scan
  • Added GPS support (if available and enabled) to Personal Guardian along with the default network triangulation to determine location.
  • Added Twitter integration with Personal Guardian. When Personal Guardian is triggered, you will have the option to send a post to your Twitter account with location links.
  • SimCard Guardian supports CDMA devices with SIMCards

How do you upgrade your existing version?

Point your BlackBerry browser to http://www.smrtguard.com/m and click on download


On your BlackBerry Smartphone:

1. Click on SmrtGuard icon
2. Click on About SmrtGuard menu
3. Click on “Check for Update”

You will be taken to the download site from there.

What if you don’t have SmrtGuard but want to know what it’s all about?

You can grab different versions of SmrtGuard from the free version to the Premium (with monthly, bi-annual, yearly, and Unlimited Edition versions). The free version doesn’t include the Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and remote wiping. While SmrtGuard is available in the BlackBerry App World, the BlackBerry Sync Store has special sales on them.

Grab the free version of SmrtGuard from the BlackBerry App World here

Grab the semi-annual subscription of SmrtGuard for $19.99 from BlackBerry App World here

Grab the annual subscription of SmrtGuard for $39.99 from the BlackBerry App World here

The BlackBerry Sync Store has the following subscriptions available:

Monthly subscription of SmrtGuard for $3.99 here

Semi-Annual Subscription of SmrtGuard with bonus one month for $19.99

Yearly subscription of SmrtGuard with bonus three months for $39.99

Unlimited Subscription of SmrtGuard for $99.99

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