Blaq for BlackBerry Smartphones Will Be Back… Update Coming Soon!

June 2, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

Within the last couple of days you may have seen Blaq for PlayBook launch. The launch came with huge success! Originally Blaq started with a BlackBerry smartphone client, however it died off shortly after launch. Just when it seemed Blaq creator @Hamrick had no desire to continue with the smartphone app, he announced it will be back. The developer behind Blaq (Jerome Carty) and Ryan Hamrick have decided to bring a major update to the Blaq for BlackBerry smartphone app, which will bring support for all newer BlackBerry smartphones, including touch display models, like the Torch 9800.

So if you’re excited for Blaq to come back keep an eye on

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  • Attila The Hun

    can some one tell me when RIM says coming soon.How long I have to wait?