Verizon Releases Official BlackBerry Curve 3G Update For OS 6

May 19, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

It seems the Bold 9650 wasn’t the only BlackBerry Verizon had in mind to update. Luckily, the BlackBerry Curve 3G also has had the grace bestowed upon it as well. Yesterday was a busy day for the Bold and the Curve 3G.  What’s included with the Let’s check it out…

New enhancement features are as follows:

Email and Messaging:

  • Supports Mobile Originated EMS messages.
  • Send SMS messages without error message interruption.
  • Cursor displays properly when scrolling through sent BlackBerry Messenger messages.
  • New messages display accurately in the inbox.
  • When a device’s battery is removed and reinserted, you will experience no interruption in text messaging functionality.
  • “<Content Protection is Enabled>” no longer appears in BlackBerry Messenger if you have enabled encryption.

System Enhancements:

  • After restoring a backup file, all contacts appear correctly.

Web Browsing and Data Access:

  • Includes BlackBerry Balance, enabling you to securely separate your business and personal data, applications and information.
  • Improvements to BlackBerry browser.
  • Signal strength indicator will accurately display the signal strength of the device when using VZAccess Manager.

Additional Device Features:

  • “<Content Protection Enabled>” no longer displays in Subject and Description fields of Calendar events.
  • Successfully scroll to the next day when in Day Calendar view.

Call Features:

  • When using the Telecoil Hearing Aid Mode, calls will not experience audio interruption.

You can grab the latest update for OS 6 on your BlackBerry Curve 3G here

Or you can do the update via OTA by going to your Options/Device/Software Updates and follow the prompts to update the OS. Just remember doing it OTA takes a while and to backup and install takes about 2 hours.

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