Verizon Official Update For BlackBerry Bold 9650 OS 6

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I love it when updates start coming around. Verizon issued their update yesterday for the BlackBerry Bold 9560. Some enhancements have been made and if you have the BlackBerry Bold, it’s a great time to update it. The update is v6.0.0.524, Platform What’s new?

Here’s the updated differences regarding each feature:

Calls- Push to Talk groups appear consistently regardless of their online status.

Email and Messaging:

  1. Supports Mobile Originated EMS messages.
  2. Send SMS messages without error message interruption.
  3. Russian language text messages display correctly.
  4. Successfully send or edit text messages with a media file attachment.
  5. Send recorded videos in a MMS message without audio interruption or delay.
  6. Successfully preview maximum-length recorded videos and send as a text message.
  7. View cursor properly when scrolling through sent BlackBerryMessenger messages.
  8. New messages will accurately display in the Inbox.

System enhancements:

  1. The list screen displays properly when running applications.
  2. After restoring a backup file, all contacts appear correctly.

Web Browsing and Data Enhancements:

  1. Includes BlackBerry Balance, enabling you to securely separate yourbusiness and personal data, applications and information.
  2. Improvements to BlackBerry browser.

Additional Device Features:

  1. Successfully scroll to the next day when in Day Calendar view.
  2. “<Content Protection Enabled>” no longer displays in Subject and Description fields of Calendar events.

I like the changes that came with this version, including the text messaging and the browser. It somewhat resembles the PlayBook the way it looks when you click Go To. The only thing I noticed I don’t care for is that the charging indicator on the battery icon doesn’t show the lightning bolt, but you can tell it’s charging as the battery icon “fills” but it’s not apparent anymore.

You can download the update via web to install through web or the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from the following link:

Update your BlackBerry Bold 9650 here

Or do the update as an OTA from the BlackBerry, just be aware it takes a while to download and two hours to do the backup and install and during those two hours, no calls, emails, or messaging will take place. Go to Options/Device/Software Updates, click on the Software Updates and it will tell you if you have an update available.

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