Update: BeBuzz By Bellshare GmbH v4.0.73

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BeBuzz, previously known as BerryBuzz has been updated. BeBuzz is one of those apps I like because I can keep my phone on silent and still know who is contacting me or what messages I’m receiving. Not only is it helpful that way but also a great conversation builder.

This app has several features so I’ll start with what’s new in this update.

  • Added support for Facebook Chat (BlackBerry Facebook v2.0)
  • Added support forLiveProfile
  • Added support for BlackBerry Enterprise Manager
  • Added support for ScoreMobile
  • Added support for TheBirthdayApp
  • Added support for Issimo
  • Added setting to suppress native red LED
  • Added new ultra short setting “Strobe” to custom disco maker

The following is a description of BeBuzz:

The app allows you to choose the virtual alert LED color instead of the classic red LED, choose how often the audible reminder repeats, choose to be “buzzed” , and another great feature, the On Screen Alert which gives off a small notification on the bottom of the screen (toasts).


  • Custom LED color, repeating audible alert, vibrate and on-screen notifications (“toasts”) for E-Mails, SMS and Calls (Global or from SPECIFIC CONTACTS), BlackBerry® Messenger, Missed Calls, PIN Messages, Level 1 Messages, Calendar, Tasks, Coverage Indicator, Battery Low, Battery Charging, Battery Full and many 3rd party apps
  • 12 rapid flashing disco colors will draw even more attention to your phone
  • Create an unlimited number of custom LED colors and discos
  • Stack 2 LED colors for even more color variations
  • Fully customizable and doesn’t drain your battery!

Supported 3rd party apps: AIM, AP Mobile News, BeReader, BeWeather, BeejiveIM, BlackBerry News Feeds, Blaq, Chat for Facebook Pro, crunchSMS, eBay, Facebook, GoogleMail, GoogleTalk, GoogleVoice, ICQ, instango, IM+, Improved Chat for Facebook, Kik Messenger, MSN Messenger, MeterBerry, MySpace, Nimbuzz, OS 6 Social Feeds, OpenBeak, Pingchat, Pocket Informant, Skype, SocialScope, Trillian, TweetGenius, Tweetissimo, Twitter, Ubertwitter/UberSocial, Viigo, Whatsapp, Yahoo! Messenger, YouMail

BeBuzz v4.0.73 is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store if you’re ready to update. Head over to the BlackBerry Sync Store by clicking this link, sign in and go to My Apps. Look for BeBuzz and click the box on the right that says upgrade It’s that easy.

If you don’t have BeBuzz, you’re able to grab a copy from the BlackBerry Sync Store for $5.99.

Grab your copy of BeBuzz v4.0.73 for $5.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

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