Reminder: The BlackBerry PlayBook 90 Day Complimentary Support And Extended Protection Plan

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When you first receive your BlackBerry PlayBook, the set-up and registering a BlackBerry ID is important, but here’s a reminder of a few things that are important as well. You need to register for the 90 day Complimentary Support and also have the option for the Extended Protection Plan, and I’ll explain why they’re important and what the differences are between them. This plan applies to the owners in the U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii.

After activating your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet, you can go to the following link, scroll to the bottom and enter the Serial Number of the Tablet to begin registering for the 90 day Complimentary Support: BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Support What the 90 Day Complimentary Support offers is support via the phone with a toll free phone number and any questions will be answered free for the first 90 days.

There is also the Extended Protection Plan. This plan is $129 for two years and it includes the following:

What is Covered.

This Plan covers parts and labor costs to repair your product inthe event your product fails to properly operate due to:

  • Defects in materials or workmanship
  • Normal wear and tear; or
  • Accidental Damage From Handling(ADH). ADH includes the following: Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) covers accidents that may occur during the normal handling of the product. Common ADH type of issues includes drops, spills and cracked screens.

ADH Coverage will provide coverage for parts and labor costs to repair your product asa result of damage to your product that is the result of an unexpected and unintentionalexternal event (drops and spills) that arise from your normal daily usage of the productas the manufacturer intended. Secondary damage to your product that occurs after adrop or spill or using the product in a manner the manufacturer did not intend is notcovered. You will be required to provide us with an explanation of where and whenthe damage occurred as well as a detailed description of the actual event that resultedin the damage to your product. Failure to provide this information will result in adenial of your claim.This Plan also extends your product’s ninety (90) day technical support service providedunder the manufacturer’s warranty for the full length of the term of this Plan.

You only have the first 30 days from the time of activation to sign up for the Extended Protection Plan. Here’s what’s not covered:

This Plan does not cover:

  • Any product located outside of the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Damage which is not reported prior to the expiration of this Plan or within 60 daysof the occurrence of such damage.
  • Products sold without a manufacturer’s warranty or sold “as is” or refurbished products.
  • Normal, periodic or preventative maintenance and/or checkups, including but not limited to customer education, adjustments, cleanings and convergence.
  • Transit or delivery damage, damage caused by packing, unpacking, assembly,installation, or removal, short circuit, lack of maintenance or bodily injury.
  • Damage to your product caused by abuse, neglect, intentional physical damage,misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than an authorized service provider), unauthorized modification, viruses and/or spyware,performance failures due to not maintaining firmware updates, extreme environment(including extreme temperature or humidity), external condensation, complete submersion in liquid (e.g. pool, bathtub, etc.), lightning, fire, flood, insect infestation,rodents, war, terrorism, computer software related failures, Acts of God or other external causes.
  • Products that have been lost or stolen (this Plan only covers products that are returned to us in their entirety); cosmetic damage to your product including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on parts,  that do not otherwise affect its functionality or materially impair your use.

So if you have a BlackBerry PlayBook I highly recommend for you to register for the free 90 Day Complimentary Support and if you live in the U.S. I can’t advise enough to sign up for the Extended Protection Plan so that if you need the screen replaced if you don’t get that Otterbox, you can have that peace of mind. It also extends the 90 Day Complimentary Support and the average one-year warranty to a full two-year warranty which covers 2 full years of coverage for Mechanical Failures and Accidental Damage from Handling  .

You can purchase your Extended Protection Plan for your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet in the first 30 days here.

Staples offers a two-year one time protection plan for $239.99 and Best Buy offers their two-year protection plan for $249.99

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