Gesture Tester Free And Available For The BlackBerry PlayBook

May 30, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

You finally got yourself a PlayBook, whether it was you who bought it or was gifted with it. Or maybe you’ve had it but haven’t had much time to play with it and get a feel for what it can do. If so, Gesture Tester is for you. Check it out…

Gesture Tester is by Harry B. Garland and is available for free in the BlackBerry App World. The App has the ability to let you find out hands-on what your PlayBook is capable of.

The App includes the following:

  • Info: test your PlayBook’s responsiveness
  • Press-And-Drag
  • Press-And-Tap: hold the objest and tap elsewhere
  • Menu Pulldown
  • Finger Rotation: Use two fingers to press and rotate the object
  • Tilt Rotation: Rotate the PlayBook in all dierctions.
  • Multi-Gesture: Use 2 finger drag to move an object, 2 finger twist to rotate an object, 2 finger pinch to zoom an object, and one finger fast drag to swing an object.
  • Multi-Touch: Touch and move up to 4 objects with 4 fingers AT the SAME time.

To be honest, some of it was new to me. Especially the swinging of an object. This app is a great introduction to the capability and potential of the BlackBerry PlayBook and it’s ease of use.

You can grab the Gester Tester Free for the BlackBerry PlayBook from BlackBerry App World here

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