Update: Wakeful Beta v1.0.7.7

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We all use an alarm of some sort. Whether it be the typical alarm tones, the alert tones, a ringtone of choice, or what have you. Back in the day you’d wake up, get your coffee and newspaper and start the day informed. Well Wakeful is a beta app that takes a different approach. It uses a voice which you choose as male or female, and greets you with the current weather and headline news. Check it out…

The latest updates (one was the 30th of last month, the other the first) contained the following:

  • Lots of code re-writes to increase the stability and scalability of the product.
  • Offloaded some of the stress to the servers
  • Added a cancel button to pop-ups that didn’t have them before. Wakeful double checks scheduling on boot.
  • Icon should show for all devices now.
  • Removed the “set alarm” button. Now when you change the time or any setting, it auto-updates without the extra step of the button.
  • New backend, should be able to handle a lot more users.
  • Changed the way the networks works, so if you had problems downloading the audio, this version may work for you.

It’s really neat in that if the alarm is on, there is a little sun icon that sits up on top to let you know it’s active. If you turn the alarm off, the icon will disappear. I know I had to change my name on the app for it to pronounce my name right.

If you’re looking for a different alarm, then Wakeful is for you. You can still use your current alarm with it as well. Just like your current alarm you can turn it off or hit snooze. I like the idea as I find snooze to be one of my best friends. The April fools joke Wakeful played was a riot and it was great to see they have a sense of humor. I was greeted with “Good morning Slave… Computers have taken over the world” It was pretty funny. I loved how it was “Today is Friday. And Saturday and Sunday come next.”

If you haven’t signed up for the beta, you can do so at the Wakeful site at the following link, and by the way, coffee not included:

Wakeful beta


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