Update: Vlingo-Virtual Assistant Updates To v4.11.2

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Vlingo Virtual Assistant has received an incremental update, but no changelog was available. Vlingo is one of my favorite apps and while there is a free version, the Plus has some great features that are worthy of the one time fee of $19.99. Vlingo allows you to do more hands free tasks such as driving. Check it out…

Vlingo allow you to speak into your BlackBerry after setting it up to…

Vlingo (free features)

  • send a text message to other Vlingo for BlackBerry® users
  • search the web using Google or Yahoo!: “Barbeque chicken recipes”
  • call a contact: “call Steve’s mobile”
  • update your Facebook or Twitter status: “Update Twitter; Great skiing today up north!”
  • launch virtually any application: “open calendar”
  • have your incoming email and text messages aloud via SafeReader

Vlingo Plus (paid features)

  • send a text or email message to anyone: “Text Sarah; running a few minutes late”
  • dictate text into any text box with Vlingo Everywhere including: BBM, AIM, Yahoo
  • (NEW) have your calendar reminders aloud via SafeReaderTM

You’re able to update your Vlingo from the Vlingo website here

Or through the application Vlingo itself. The BlackBerry App World hasn’t updated with the new Vlingo version for some reason. You can still grab a copy of Vlingo or Vlingo Plus ($19.99) from BlackBerry App World.

Grab your copy of Free VlingoVirtual Assistant  from BlackBerry App World here

Grab your copy of Vlingo Plus Virtual Assistant for $19.99 from BlackBerry App World here

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