Review: Doodle Blast, a Puzzle Game for PlayBook

April 22, 2011 | By | 3 Comments

For team BlackBerry, its not the quantity of apps in a store that makes a product, but rather the quality, and even though the PlayBook App World has been officially live for less than three days, we have come across quite a bit of great apps, and are even more excited about some apps that have been made reference to but are not yet available. Facebook on your PlayBook, anyone?

Well, while we wait for AT&T to open the floodgates to BlackBerry Bridge and tethering, and RIM to make BBM possible through Bridge for everyone, why not play a game.

Doodle Blast, by Black Moon design is a beautifully designed and fully optimized puzzle/strategy game for your PlayBook. From their title screen (below)

doodle blast

“Your task is to make the marbles fall…by drawing walls which will bounce off the marbles…into the jar.”

Sounds simple, right? Prepare to be challenged. Each of the 15 levels starts with a row of marbles suspended on the top of the page, a jar full of ink, and a few obstacles that can prevent or help you complete your mission.

Gameplay is as easy of taking your finger and drawing an additional barrier or ramp and pressing the big start button on the top right-hand corner. The starred platform is quickly erased and off they go! Watch marbles jump, roll and bounce around as they follow Newton’s 1st law. Of course if you make a mistake, you can press undo or even start over altogether by pressing the “clear” button. Enjoy hours of fun and moments of frustration as you complete all 15 levels.

doodle blast 1

doodle blast 2

PROS: Easy to play, Beautiful doodle artwork, challenging yet not frustratingly difficult
CONS: This is addictive! The sensitivity of the pen and precision could be improved, there are only 15 levels.

Download Doodle Blast in App World and tell us which is your favorite level in the comments! Can you get 3 stars in every level too?

doodle blast levels

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