PlayBook Etiquette: How to Politely Decline an Offer to “Can I Try It”

April 19, 2011 | By | 3 Comments

No doubt you have your very own PlayBook by now, have unboxed it, and fully set it up to bridge to with your BlackBerry smartphone. However as much as you’d like to shelter your new PlayBook from the outside world, its form-factor is going to beg you to take it out for a stroll around town. Don’t be surprised when people ooh and ahh at your shiny new PlayBook, after all it is cuter than a new-born baby, with the difference it won’t spit up on you.

Whether you end up taking your PlayBook to the grocery store, or you local coffee shop, you also can’t avoid the hoards of people begging to hold your PlayBook saying “Can I try It?”

Well, you have been following its development since its been announced, believed in it when others said it would not make it to launch day, and ultimately been there for it every step of the way, discrediting blasphemes and liars. How then do you take the higher road and politely decline onlooker’s request to touch your baby? Here are some pointers as to what to say:

  • I’m sorry, I think you want the guy with the iPad standing over there
  • I really can’t, its not mine, I’m watching it for a friend
  • Sure! You can try the BestBuy down the street.
  • See, see. No touch
  • Lo siento, no hablo ingl├ęs
  • I think someone just called your name
  • Yeah, if I can hold your wallet.
  • I’m sorry, this isn’t a PlayBook its a prototype for the Storm 9 and I’m on my way to “forget it” at a biergarten
  • My! Look at the time, I forgot to take my meds again
  • I was just going to ask you the same thing!
  • I’m booked today. Can you do tomorrow? Say, at 3pm?
  • Stranger danger!!!

Of course, not everyone can be polite, my wife for example would reply with a firm and stern “Hells naw!”. So how about you? Will you share your PlayBook? How are you keeping predators away? Share your tactics in the comments below…

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