Hot! Mega Knight v1.0 By MMMOOO GiveAway!

April 5, 2011 | By

We have another giveaway for our readers. This time it’s a utility app designed to keep your extend and enhance the power of your BlackBerry. Mega Knight is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for only $6.99 but will be free to twenty of our lucky readers. Check it out…

Features included in the Mega Knight are:

  • Quick Launcher: the BEST launcher in: apps; utilities; web sites; contacts; media files┬áSystem Enhancement: menu; backlight; WiFi; Wallpaper; Screensaver
  • Notifiers: vibration; LED disco┬áData Transfer: smart way to backup and restore, proved to be nice and earlier. experience from BlackBerry geek and frequent users.
  • Add On: pop-up message preview; multi alarms

The app does have a thirty day free trial, but for our twenty readers it will be free with no trial.

The contest will run till Sunday and will include the following:

  • You must have OS 5.0 and up running on your BlackBerry.
  • You must leave a comment as to how your BlackBerry has saved you at one time or another, as your Knight. I know mine has saved me in so many ways, from GPS and directions to being on hand for family and alarm clock. But we want to know the reason your BlackBerry is close to you.
  • Don’t forget to thank MMMOOO for the great contest.

Let the comments begin!

###The Contest has been extended till Monday night because I still have 14 copies left, so let’s get some entries and comments!###

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  • TwistMyMind

    I got lost in downtown Chicago on a recent trip. Google Maps was a lifesaver!

  • james y

    Awesome giveaway guys! Big shout out to MMMOOO for donating these copies!

    My bb saves me on a daily! The calendar and alarm clock is key but the ability to tether on my unlimited plan when my home isp has hit its cap, is money! :D

    Btw I’m running os5 on my 9530 (I know…..I’m waiting for the monaco/monza). Follow me on twitter. @jimz22

  • John Wickee

    Are you kidding? My BB constantly saves me from my scatter brain. It constantly helps me remember upcoming events, I set countless alarms on it to help me out and if I ever need to remember something, it goes straight into my BB as my hub of knowledge. And just this weekend, I was down in Chesapeake, VA, and it helped my find the Marriot I needed to check into AIA championships for my wife’s winterguard.

    Big thanks for MMMOOO and their generous number of copies of this.

  • bob

    hi MMMOOO…I have this apps on my bold,but only trial version. I think it power full application and the application is very helpful.
    blackberrysync..can u help me upgrade this apps in my berry to full version??
    I really want it…take me in the winners list ;)
    Thanks MMMOOO and blackberrysync for this contest.

  • Vivian Myers

    how has my BB saved me?
    let me count the ways…but i won’t bore you so i’ll just list a few
    – it have saved me on the back of a motorcycle. The GPS was hard to read in the light, hubby was getting frustrated so i just whipped it out from my jacket, put the info in google maps and told/yelled him the info
    – it wasn’t a life saver but a life moment. my son was playing the piano in a recital. not everyone could attend so i video taped him, then using some handy dandy apps on my BB was able to post it on youtube AND put in on dropbox for others. not a life saver but now i’ll always be able to see and hear him play Moonight Sonata :-)
    – it REALLY helped when i was going to trenton via a car service. i don’t know off hand how to get to Trenton from NY via the highway as i always take a train. one night it was late so i took a car service from nyc to trenton. i get in the car and a few minutes later the driver says, “my gps isn’t working, do you have directions?” (seriously???!!) So, i whipped out the BB, plugged in the address on TeleNav , put it on the front arm rest and let it speak to him!

    Thanks MMMOOO for the great contest!!!!

  • Jeff

    My BB saves me every day thanks to GPS and SMS. GPS keeps me from getting lost, finds me cheap gas along the way and SMS lets my staff maximize my time at the office. Thanks MMMOOO for the giveaway.