Global Alert Network v3.0.0.0 Available In BlackBerry App World FREE!

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If you like being alerted of traffic and weather alerts live and only ones that apply to your area and where you’re going, and you’d love it to be one that you don’t have to keep checking on your phone or turning on or off, then look no further, it’s available. Check it out…

This app is the Global Alert Network. When you download it, you register the phone and make an account for free. After it’s registered with your device, you never need to check it out again. Alerts will come through as they pertain to you. One tip however, log into your GAN account online here and be sure to go through your work and home and set the area you’d like to have covered for alerts.

It’s easy, free, carefree, and won’t distract you while driving. You can have time to make decisions and not have a need to worry.

There are 100 different types of weather alerts it does such as advisories, watches, and warnings. Emergency updates including Amber alerts and traffic alerts too are all alerts you’ll hear if they pertain to you.

When the tsunami hit with devastation in Japan, the Global Alert Network alerted it’s subscribers in Hawaii and the west coast states to warn them about the potential impact the tsunami could have on them. Just think of the lives it could save.

The main features are:

  • Hands-free operation complies with state laws
  • Reduces driver distraction
  • Activates automatically when you are moving
  • Personalized information – No Spam!
  • Information targeted for your location
  • National Traffic and Weather alerts now available
  • Free download!


I’ll be using this app and will give a quick review when I get some alerts going. Let me know if you decide to download it and give it a try.

Grab your free copy of the Global Alert Network from BlackBerry App World here

Read more about the Global Alert Network here

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