Cool things to do with PlayBook: Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

April 22, 2011 | By | 18 Comments

I’ve been on the hunt for cool things to do with my BlackBerry PlayBook. My BlackBerry Bridge is still not working, so I’ve been trying to amuse myself until it gets fixed. Recently I saw that Staples Canada was selling a Bluetooth keyboard designed for the PlayBook, which at the time I thought I would never have use for, until now. RIM has announced the BlackBerry PlayBook officially supports Bluetooth keyboards and mice (see KB article here). This is a great idea for students or people who plan to use the PlayBook for the Documents to Go suite a lot.

I had an extra Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Mouse kicking around so I decided to give this a shot. Pairing the two was painless, and once up and running it was actually pretty cool! You can navigate around all screens with the mouse and even highlight text for copy/paste. Now if I could just get my BlackBerry Bridge working correctly and Stereo Bluetooth supported, I would be a happy geek. So what’s next in my search for cool things to do with the PlayBook? I’m not sure you’ll have to stay tuned.

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