SmrtGuard For BlackBerry v2.87, Be On Your Guard

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In honor of NCPW, I’m reminding you of some of the great applications that are out there and available for your BlackBerry. SmrtGuard is one of my faves. It’s one of the ultimate security apps for your phone, giving you peace of mind. Check it out…

SmrtGuard has a free version, but the version I am covering is the SmrtGuard Pro with a subscription. There’s monthly, semi-annual, yearly, and Unlimited Edition. This app has it all. It has everything to protect you with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam (phone and email), Backup, Restore, your data, FollowMe, Where I’ve Been, Personal Guardian and SIM Guardian.

With the Anti-Virus you set how often it automatically scans, the day, and time. You check Applications. Don’t worry about some malicious application.

Anti-Spam has the Email Blacklist which you enable, add spam email addresses from your inbox, Anti-Spam Call Blocker which you enable and block Private and Unknown Callers. I know most email servers do a decent job at taking out the majority of the email spam, but there’s always the ones that get through. This will cover that for you. Not to mention the automated calls, etc. Save yourself the hassle and protect your time.

You can set Automatic Backup including Frequency. The status contains the following: Contacts, Memos, Tasks, Events, Call Logs, Emails, SMS, Blacklist, and 3rd Party Applications. Restore works when Backup is enabled. You choose what to backup when and what to restore.

Your Data shows you what files you have on your BlackBerry.

FollowMe lets you trace your path by foot or in a vehicle. Where I’ve Been shows where you’ve been on a map. Personal Guardian is really neat. You set a panic button for in case of emergencies and Personal-Guardian sends an email or for GSM SMS, and phone for help. You hold the panic button for about 7 seconds or so. You can even enable to have it alert to your Twitter account. SIM Guardian protects your SIM.

But it’s not only what’s on the phone with the application that stands out for SmrtGuard. These are the other features:

  • Remote OTA Backup (manual or scheduled) PIMs, Call logs, Emails
  • Remote OTA Restore PIMs, Call logs, Emails
  • Remote Data Wipe (including microSD)
  • Remote Tracking (lowjack) and Locating – see it on our companion website that comes with the account
  • Remote Listen – Listen to your thief or be a spy
  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Audio Ping (to help you find the device)
  • Personal Guardian (send out distress call with push of a button)
  • SIMCard Guardian – alert send out when unauthorized SIM is used (GSM based phone only)
  • Loved-one Tracking – Great for couples and families with smartphones to track each other

It works really great to keep an eye on your phone and know that you have the power to wipe, lock, and restore all from your PC. It’s a perfect gift for every teen and college student, but also for spouses and anyone who spends a lot of time alone. Protect your phone and yourself with SmrtGuard.

You can grab one of the following subscriptions of SmrtGuard for BlackBerry v2.87 from the BlackBerry Sync Store:

Grab a monthly subscription of SmrtGuard for $3.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store

Grab a semi-annual subscription of SmrtGuard for $19.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store (save 13% and bonus one month!)

Grab an annual subscription of SmrtGuard for $39.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store (save 11% and bonus three months!)

Grab the Unlimited Edition of SmrtGuard for only $99.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store and never worry about renewing!

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