Rumor: BBM Coming To An iPhone Near You This April?

March 30, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Thanks to an article on Mobile Syrup which highlights a post from the forums of MacRumors, iPhone users have something to look forward to soon perhaps. A college and business class attended a conference a Social Media Conference in Toronto and if the rumor holds true, BBM will come to the iPhone April 26th via the Apple App Store.

The post claims that RIM’s CO-CEO Jim Balsillie stated at the conference that BBM and other services to the Apple App Store April 26th, and that in the summer the app would be updated to take advantage of a new notification system. Keep in mind that first of all, this is a rumor, and second of all, it will not be the full beloved BBM version we have come to love, but a toned down version. It would be nice to keep in touch with those who have defected to the iPhone, and let them get a small taste of the app we hold close to.

What do you think?

****Update: It was a rumor, nothing more. While it gave iPhone users hope, sorry, but it won’t be April. Someday perhaps, til then, we have our BBM on our BlackBerry. ***

[via: MacRumors: Forums by Mobile Syrup]

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