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UberSocial Updates To v1.180

March 15, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

The Twitter client UberSocial (formerly known as UberTwitter) has updated to v1.180. The newest version isn’t available through BlackBerry App World just yet, but it’s available from the UberSocial website. One of the things I really like about UberSocial is the ability to change the themes of the application. You can grab your copy of […]

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Review: GroupMe Beta v1.0 Available in BlackBerry App World Test Center

March 15, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

I was looking through BlackBerry App World’s Test Center and I came across GroupMe. I had to download it and try it out. It’s a very useful app. I know businesses use a system like this to keep in touch with their employees. It’s very impressive and does quite the job of keeping in touch […]

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Video: HD Look at the BlackBerry PlayBook Music Store and Podcast App

March 15, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Our friends at IntoMobile have taken look at the PlayBook’s upcoming 7digital Music Store and the BlackBerry Podcast App. They’ve recorded a HD video that really shows the high resolution details of the apps. From what we see, we like! The software on the PlayBook in this demo appears to be pretty polished and we […]

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More PlayBook Launch Rumors and Possible Pricing?

March 15, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

PlayBook rumors come and go these days. The folks at PreCentral have obtained another interesting tablet rumor. Apparently the BlackBerry PlayBook was/is set to go on sale “at a major retailer” on March 27th. While many have reported that the PlayBook will launch sometime after April 10th, this leaked document shows the PlayBook along with […]

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Amazon MP3 For Blackberry v1.0.0.87 Available In BlackBerry App World

March 14, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Since I already have the Kindle app by Amazon on my BlackBerry, I felt it was time to check out the Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry. It’s free and is available in the BlackBerry App World/Music & Audio/Music Services. The app allows you to listen to samples of music, purchase and download all from one app […]

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Toshl, The Free Mobile Expense Tracking App, Is Available Now

March 12, 2011 | By | 7 Comments

  For an easy to use, intuitive, and beautiful tracking expense app that’s free try Toshl. You can even use hastags and it allows you to Sync not only between devices but to a cloud as well. Do you ever wonder what you’re spending your money on? With Toshl you are provided with graphs and […]

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First Look at BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot Feature from OS 6.1

March 12, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

We talked about the Mobile Hotspot feature on BlackBerry smartphones a couple months ago, now the folks at N4BB have provided some leaked slides on how the mobile hotspot feature will work. As you can see its pretty much like any Android 2.2 smartphone. You will go into your manage connections, and enable the mobile […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Rumors from Sears, Staples, Best Buy, and Future Shop

March 12, 2011 | By | 5 Comments

Rumors on possible launch dates for the BlackBerry PlayBook keep pouring in. The latest round of rumors are aimed at Sears Canada, Best Buy Canada, Future Shop, and Staples USA. The rumors are defentatly indicating a launch between April 10-23. So lets round up all these rumors: Sears Canada has sent our an email to […]

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Tether turns 2 Years Old! Giving Away PlayBook and More!

March 11, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

Tether has expended huge over the past couple years. Today Tether celebrates their second birthday and what better why then to give away a BlackBerry PlayBook and other goodies, such as BlackBerry smartphones. Not only is Tether giving away devices, ┬ábut they’re also offering up Tehter at 50% off in the BBSync App Store until […]

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Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Curve 9300 & Bold 9700

March 11, 2011 | By | 3 Comments

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day for leaked OS’. The latest round of leaks is OS for both the BlackBerry Curve 9300 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. We haven’t heard what these OS versions have to offer, but like most leaked OS’ we recommend doing a full backup of your BlackBerry […]

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Three Security Researchers Reveal Multiple Webkit Browser Vulnerabilities at Pwn2Own 2011

March 11, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

The Pwn2Own hacking contest first began in 2007. It’s a contest where hackers can reveal vulnerabilities and gives the security community a chance to see their flaws and fix them. With BlackBerry OS 6 came the webkit browser, which has been exposed as being vulnerable. Check out what happened at the CanSecWest conference.

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Twitter For BlackBerry Beta v1.1.0.17 Is Available In The BlackBerry Beta Zone

March 10, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

The BlackBerry Beta Zone has the latest Twitter for BlackBerry Beta version If you’re a member of the Beta Zone, you’ve already been emailed about it, and if not, it’s free and it’s a great time to join. It’s free and gives you the chance to check out beta apps and give your feedback […]

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