Amazon MP3 For Blackberry v1.0.0.87 Available In BlackBerry App World

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Since I already have the Kindle app by Amazon on my BlackBerry, I felt it was time to check out the Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry. It’s free and is available in the BlackBerry App World/Music & Audio/Music Services. The app allows you to listen to samples of music, purchase and download all from one app and the music goes straight to your music library on the micro sd card. Check it out…

The Amazon MP3 app for BlackBerry has the following features:

• Browse the Amazon catalog by what’s new, top songs, top albums and genres
• Check daily for free song of the day and daily album deals
• Preview a 30-second sample before buying
• Download over the wireless network or Wi-Fi®
• Let friends know what you’re checking out via BlackBerry Messenger, Email, Text Messaging, Socials Feeds, Facebook and more...
• Download directly to your BlackBerry music library

Download doesn’t take long at all.I installed this on my BlackBerry Bold 9650, OS 6.  After downloading and installing you sign in with your Amazon account it’s ready to roll. You also get a free song of the day you can download, much like iTunes. I like that you have that chance to listen to something different. The set up is very similar to the BlackBerry App World. The carousel of main choices you can scroll through are nice, and search options.

Purchasing music through the app is easy. I didn’t use WiFi for downloads, but I’m sure it would have been much faster. I purchased an album, downloaded it and watched the progress song by song, but it took a little while and my phone got hot in the process. After the songs were downloaded I was able to find and play them through my music media which were in good quality.

Overall, I was really impressed with the app. Any future downloads I’ll be using WiFi to see if it goes faster and heats up my BlackBerry less. The music quality is good and it’s nice to be able to find albums from $.99, $5.00 and up.

I’d recommend Amazon MP3 to anyone interested in an MP3 app for their BlackBerry. I found it easy to use, complimenting the BlackBerry in the layout. Navigating through the carousel is easy and you can find a variety of music in it.

The Pros: Works with an Amazon account, MP3s are easy to purchase and download. You can listen to samples without having to worry about accidentally purchasing a song or album.

Cons: Downloading on your internet on your phone is a bit slow, and the phone heats up doing it that way. I would recommend using WiFi for the downloads.

Compatible with OS 5.0 and higher


You can grab your copy of the Amazon MP3 app for free from BlackBerry App World here

[Rating: 4.7/5]

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