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February 28, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

BlackBerry has been in private and public Beta, through the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Currently the only device with OS 6 that is compatible is the BlackBerry Torch. It has several features that are really nice and I like knowing they have come up with their own extra security software. Hopefully the official release isn’t far away. Check it out…

BlackBerry Protect comes with the following features:

  • Lock your smartphone to protect its contents
  • Track the location of your smartphone
  • Back up your data (contacts, calendar, etc.)
  • Erase all data from your smartphone
  • Activate a loud ring tone so you can find your smartphone
  • Display a message on your Home screen

With BlackBerry Protect you can use it efficiently by using your BlackBerry ID (the one you use for BlackBerry App World) and it gives you the ability to log in to check on your phone from any internet enabled pc. Do you currently use any type of security applications for your BlackBerry? If so, which one? I use SmrtGuard and have used SMobile Systems and I liked both of them, but was really happy to see BlackBerry offering the software themselves. The only thing missing from BlackBerry Protect is the antivirus that the others provide.

If you were lucky enough to sign up for the BlackBerry Protect through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t, check it out and sign up at the following:

Sign up for BlackBerry Protect at BlackBerry here


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